Z Specialty Food - California Eucalyptus

Z Specialty Food

$ 12.00
Z Specialty Food - California Eucalyptus

Our Notes:
Not as viscous as other honeys we have tried.  Flavors are smooth with brown butter and brown sugar character.  This honey isn’t made every year due to how hard it is to collect.  It’s a bit less sweet with some mineral flavors and a nice tartness.
Aroma – Brown Sugar
Color – Amber
Thickness – Low Viscosity
Taste – Browned Butter and Brown Sugar

Producer's Notes:
Well over a century ago, Eucalyptus trees were brought to California from Australia to provide a fast growing timber source. One of the fabulous by-products of these stately trees, now commonly lining California roadsides, is the fresh clean scent that wafts through each shady stand.
Flowers on these trees are abundant; pink, red, white and creamy yellow. Each variety produces a different flavor of honey, some more flavorful than others. Collected in the Bay Area of Northern California, it is dark, mineral rich and fosters a mild and wonderful flavor.
Enjoy this uniquely California treat on your favorite breads and breakfast foods.

About the Producer:
Z Specialty Food prides itself on operating a sustainable business.  Founder Ishai Zeldner got his start with beekeeping in Israel, then later studied apiculture at UC Davis in California.  The whole Zeldner family pitches in with the business and they live and operate in Davis California.  Z Specialty Food purchases their honeys from from beekeepers and farmers around the country.  Because they have the opportunity to taste so many different varieties, they have become experts at selecting the best of each variety, and are able to bring some truly unique single sourced varieties.  

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