Robust Wild Poppies - Banthien Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018 Harvest

Wild Poppies

$ 29.95

Awards: Yummy Artisan Foods Award for exceptional Aroma and Flavor

How to Use: Robust and best used as a flavor punch, with grilled or BBQ meats, or dishes with lots of herbs. It has the strength to stand up to the strongest herbs like oregano, rosemary and basil.  Strong enough to use with more powerful greens like arugula and endive, and great as oil to use with basil in making pesto or bruschetta. The balance and complexity of this oil makes it very versatile pairing with medium and strong foods.   Kim's favorite pairing is with Mushroom Risotto while Jamie favorite is with Minestrone Soup. 

Our Notes: Very rare, micro production of Ascalano which was harvest very green and has amazing aroma and flavors  with intense but enjoyable bitterness and pungency. I just tasted the oil to write this review and after 5 minutes my month is still tingling the lovely pungency. This oil was made in such small production levels they did not enter it in any competitions but could be the best oil of the vintage from California. 
Aroma - Stone fruit, Artichoke
Flavor - Herbaceous, Green Tomato Leaf, Green Almond
Bitterness - Robust
Pungency - Robust

Producer's Notes: Grass, Green Almond, Herbaceous, and Tomato Leaf. It is a blend of 60% Ascolano, 30% Frantoio, and 10% Leccino, and is composed of the first olives of their 2018 harvest creating a unique and one-of-a-kind spicy and pungent blend.

About the Producer: Sister-in-Law's Jamie and Kim started Wild Poppies in 2018 and have struck gold in their first years efforts at making ultra premium extra virgin olive oil. They won gold medals and even a best in show at their first competition.  You can see the care they put into taking care of their 2000 trees and hands on approach of going through each bucket of their hand harvest olives to make sure only best olives make it to the mill.  All their oils are an expression of their passion about ingredients that have big taste to help you make delicious meals.  They primarily sell their oils through local farmers market and it is rarely seen outside the seaside Santa Cruz County of California.  They are truly a family business with hopes to have their young kids learn how great food is made and the job of a network of people who love cooking good food. When asked which is their personal favorite oil they both agreed it is the Bathien, It is a micro batch of oil harvest from small plot in separate area of the orchard.  Originally they were going to blend it with the Ascolano but it was so amazingly robust and powerful with tons of green almond, green tomato leaf, artichoke and herbs they decided to bottle this block buster for customer who know how to use a truly robust flavor bomb of an oil.  



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