Spread the Love - Naked

Spread the Love

$ 9.00
Spread the Love - Naked

Our Notes:
Ingredients?  Organic Peanuts! 
No salt, no additives, almost no carbs, simply peanuts!  It just tastes healthy.  This peanut butter is not chunky, but not necessarily completely smooth.  There is a bit of a rough texture on the tongue.  The oil quickly incorporates into the peanut butter.  There is a strong smell of roasted nuts, and it will stick to the roof your mouth

Producer's Notes:
This flavor is for the purist out there. Made from just one ingredient - organic peanuts. Their peanuts are naturally sweet and oily, so it's perfect just the way it is, just like you.

About the Producer:
Spread the Love was created by Zach and Val Fishbain on their wedding day! However, they didn't know it at the time. At the wedding in May of 2013, they gave away small jars of homemade peanut butter to each of their 160 guests. The peanut butter ended up being such a hit that friends and family started placing orders with the newlyweds right after the wedding. This is when they decided that they were on to something special. So they decided to turn this labor of love into, well, a labor of love. They are staying true to their roots, each flavor of peanut butter is certified organic, certified kosher and contains no added salt. They pride themselves on using glass jars, which are healthier for the environment and for you.

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