Oliver Farm - Pecan Oil

Oliver Farm

$ 15.00
Oliver Farm - Pecan Oil

Good Food Awards 

Our Notes:
Aroma is bursting with sweet pecan, and reminds of us a baked pecan pie.  The taste is very clean and buttery with a taste of fresh raw pecans.  The intensity of the aromas and flavors are preserved by the cold-pressed method of making this oil.   

About the Producer:
Oliver Farm makes truly artisan food.  Located in Pitts Georgia, they produce from a family owned and operated working farm.  Clay and Valerie have been making nut and seed oils since 2012, starting with their first sunflower crop grown on their own property.  Clay Oliver explained that this new endeavor of the family has been both very challenging and deeply rewarding. He is committed to using a small batch cold-pressing method. According to Clay, Cold-Pressed oils are unrefined cooking oils which are removed by cold pressing methods without the use of harsh chemicals or high temperatures. The result is oil that keeps its great natural flavors and nutrients. The oil is obtained through pressing and grinding fruits or seeds with the use of heavy granite millstones or modern stainless steel presses. Although pressing produces heat through friction, the temperature must not rise above 120°F (49°C) for any oil to be considered cold pressed. Oils made with this method taste much richer and more flavorful than typical store bought oil.  You have to try it to see the difference an artisan can bring.

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