NW Elixirs - #4 Bangkok Hott

NW Elixirs

$ 9.00
NW Elixirs - #4 Bangkok Hott


Our Notes:
NW Elixirs are meant to be used as a complement to your recipes.  Each sauce brings its own unique set of flavors that can provide that missing ingredient to your favorite dishes.  #4 Bangkok Hott has a drip nozzle and has a similar consistency to tabasco with small pieces of whole chilies.  The medium-hot heat is balanced by the umami flavors from the fish sauce, a bit of sweetness and a strong vinegar flavor.

Producer's Notes:
Bangkok Hott is a perfect addition to any asian style cuisine. The thinking behind this hot sauce was that the market was lacking an alternative asian-style hot sauce other than sriracha. This sauce is great for stir-fry’s or other hot-heat cooking. This is the only non-vegetarian option for fish sauce is one of the ingredients, as well as thai chilies, thai basil, agave, fish sauce, garlic, and chili flakes.

About the Producer:
Andrew Garrett grew up on a small farm in the California wine country. During a three year stint in the military stationed in Europe, he began to develop his palate and interest in the culinary arts. Upon returning to California, Garrett attended a culinary school. After moving to Portland and working in its culinary scene for a number of years, Garrett noticed a lack in the market for a high-quality hot sauce that could be used as more than just a condiment. His goal was to bring something unique to the hot sauce market, while also inspiring chefs and home cooks to create new and diverse meals.

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