Fat Toad Farm - Salted Bourbon

Fat Toad Farm

$ 6.00

Awards: Yummy Artisan Food award for great taste.

Our Notes: This salted bourbon caramel has wonderful smoky and salty element which goes so well together with the sweet caramel taste. I love this over most ice creams making a very adult dessert. 

Producer's Notes: This after-dinner indulgence contrasts the smoky, dulcet tones of Kentucky bourbon with briny sea salt. Pair this boozy caramel with nutty alpine and gouda cheeses, and contrast with funky washed-rinds. Drizzle over grilled stone fruit and spoon over candied nuts. Dunk crispy bacon and spread on waffles and crêpes.

About the Producer:
The path to Fat Toad Farms is down a beautiful and winding - sometimes muddy, sometimes snowy, sometimes really muddy- dirt road carving through the hills of Central Vermont. The company began with a lovely French Alpine doe named Jupiter, hand milked out of the garage. Eight years later, Fat Toad Farms is milking Jupiter's daughter Artemis and 59 of her closest caprine friends in a modern parlor. The goat's milk caramel sauces (the traditional Mexican confection known as Cajeta) is the happy result of combining a small number of fresh, simple, natural ingredients and a lotta love (and stirring). From the grazing and milking to the stirring, bottling, labeling, marketing and shipping, it all happens right on the farm in true farmstead fashion.

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