Delicate Apollo Olive Oil - Mistral Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019 Harvest


$ 36.95

Awards: Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition - Gold Medal

California State Competition - Silver Medal  

New York International Olive Oil Competition - Silver Medal 

How to Use:   I would use this oil with more delicate vegetables and salad greens and fish or fowl that is mild and delicate in flavor.  

Our Notes:
Mistral is a delicate oil that has a abundance of fruit aroma partly due to the Ascalano in the blend. The 2019 harvest is  clean and balanced oil with bitter stronger than pungency while it has slightly less bitterness and pungency than previous harvest.  I find a hint of grassy and nut aroma and taste of stone fruit and green herbs.  
Aroma - Grassy, nuts
Flavor - Stone fruit pit, nuts
Bitterness - Strong side of Mild
Pungency - Mild

Producer's Notes:

The Mistral 2019 harvest has a light to medium bitterness and pungency that stays in the mouth briefly then disappears. The fruit is medium pine nut with light grass and hay. A lovely oil - sweet, rounded and rich is named after the famed wind of Provence. It is made from French varieties and the delicate Italian Ascolano. Mistral will enhance seafood, salads, mushrooms, and most white wine dishes. Even with a delicate intensity, MISTRAL is satisfyingly flavorful and always ranks among the top oils of its class. We especially like it as a replacement for butter – even in desserts.

[Certified Extra Virgin and Certified Organic | Free Fatty Acid: 0.26% |352 mg/Kg polyphenols + 254 mg/Kg tocopherols = 606 mg/Kg total antioxidants]

(Delicate intensity - Milled December 2019 - 375 ml / 12.7 fl. oz.)


About the Producer:
Apollo is a quality leader in the California EVOO scene with a growing reputation for producing one of the best EVOOs in the world and California. The Olives at Apollo are Organic hand-picked olives, crushed with a  TEM FRANGITURA and malaxed under vacuum to preserve the highest levels of nutrients and antioxidants while eliminating oxygen throughout the process.  The miller Gianni Stefanini studied under Italian milling legend Marco Mugelli initially with traditional equipment and later with new state of the art equipment designed by TEM in conjunction with Mugelli, a Sensory and production master.  Sierra is harvested from decades old trees in the Sierra foothills planted in a granite bases soil.. The Apollo Olive Oil started in 1999 using 3 old growth olive orchards that benefit from their organic practices and focus on creating an excellent oil that was supremely healthy. They care about making delicious food to be shared with family and friends which are bursting with polyphenols that complement the pungency and bitterness of  the EVOO.  

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