Medium Bondolio - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018 Harvest


$ 29.95

Awards: Best in Show and Gold 2019 California State Olive Oil Competition 

How to Use: Medium intensity oil made to go with Italian food of all types but is especially good with basil pesto, cherry tomato pesto or Puttanesca style pesto. Also great with bruschetta, or balsamic/Olive Oil for bread dipping.   

Our Notes: Made with 3 types of Olives: Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara originally native to Sicily and now grown by the Bond family here in California. This oil is rated as Medium intensity but it has lots of beautiful green fruit, round tasty bitterness and lots of pungency to remind you it is a handcrafted super fresh extra virgin olive oil   It is so fragrant and fresh it is ideal for raw cooking applications like pestos. Ascolano is a Robust oil that has a abundance of fruit aroma.  It is very complex and balanced having very intense green and ripe fruit aroma and flavors. It has flavors of stone fruit pit, artichoke, and fresh cut herbs. It has a very clean mouth feel and is very balance between attractive bitter flavors and pungency in the mouth.  
Aroma - Fresh Cut Green herbs like blend of oregano, rosemary, italian parsley
Flavor - Herbaceous, Green Tomato Leaf
Bitterness - Medium strong
Pungency - Medium strong

Producer's Notes: From NYIOOC: "Aromas of green fruit, green grass, exotic fruits, citrus, apple, banana and notes of herbs, flower, tomato. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, green leaves, sweetness, bitterness, medium pungency and notes of almond, walnut, artichoke, radish, black pepper, grass, with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence."

This EVOO is a blend of 3 Sicilian cultivars: Nocellara, Biancolilla, Cerasuola.  It is estate grown, handpicked, and cold pressed. We find the oil brings back memories of Italian landscape and the people their. 

About the Producer: Bondolio was created through Malcolm and Karen Bond's personal study of olive oils from Southern Italy and Sicily.  They made several trip there to find oil that would be satisfying to Karen's palette. Once they decided on the varietals of olives(cultivars) to grow, they turned their attention to the farming methods paying attention to grove layout, pruning, harvest, and milling methods with goal of emulating as much of the old world as they could possible do. They have installed their own milling facility to capture oils at peak of flavor. In early winter, each olive in their grove is handpicked and pressed in the classic Italian traditions

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