Acalli - Milk & Nibs


$ 8.00
Acalli - Milk & Nibs

Our Notes:
Acalli Milk and Nibs is from Tumbes, Peru. It is a 3 ingredient chocolate containing organic cacao, organic cane sugar, and organic milk. Carol Morse has added nibs to her Tumbes bar creating something which is surprising in the way the milk and nibs interact.   The Tumbes chocolate adds creaminess while the nibs add sharper bitterness and tannic. This yin-yang combination plus the crunch of the nibs provides a great mouth feel and texture. This is a nice addition to the Acalli line of chocolates.

Producer's Notes:
Rich and creamy, with hints of nectarine and dried apricot. 

About the Producer:
Being a chocolate maker means working from bean to bar. While Acalli's home is in New Orleans, cacao is by nature a tropical plant, and they source the cacao they use through direct relationships with growers. Acalli chose a canoe for their logo to represent those things about chocolate that they love most: its way of connecting people in distant places, its elegant simplicity, and the promise of adventure and discovery in every new bar. The name Acalli (ah-CALL-ee) means “canoe” in Nahuatl, the same language that gave us the word “chocolate.” Great chocolate is a collaborative effort between cacao growers and chocolate makers, and in that spirit their goal is to make bars that faithfully represent the work their partners do at origin. The flavors in the chocolate are not only the result of careful roasting and conching; but also represent careful attention during cultivation, harvest, and especially fermentation and drying. Acalli hopes that by highlighting the communities and cooperatives they work with, and showcasing the flavors in their cacao, they can bring a little more recognition home to cacao growers themselves. As chocolate makers, Acalli is the final steward on cacao's journey from tropical fruit to artisan bar. Cacao growers ferment and dry the fruit's seeds at origin, developing flavor and acidity. Acalli skillfullly roasts, refines and crafts the cacao into chocolate bars, highlighting the array of flavors unique to each origin.

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