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The Good Stuff - Best Plum Jam

The Good Stuff

$ 15.00
The Good Stuff - Best Plum Jam

Good Food Award 2016

Our Notes:
Best Plum Jam is a burst of summer, an explosion of ripe tart plum flavors. Janet McDonald created a wonderful jam with a thick and viscous texture loaded with flavor. Despite no added pectin, Janet manages to get a very thick old style jam texture. Often jams that do not add pectin have a soupy texture, but that’s not the case here. The hint of lemon adds brightness that keeps the sugar in the background. The plums are so full of flavor.  Just close your eyes and remember biting into that first tree ripened plum of the season.

Producer's Notes:

Our Best Plum Jam is made from Santa Rosa Plums, picked at the height of the season from a farm close to Sacramento. It has a true plum flavor with just a bit of wonderful plum tartness. Our jam has a lovely thick consistency created by slow cooking, no pectin added. We enjoy serving it with soft cheeses as an appetizer, along side pork and of course on toast or peanut butter. 

About the Producer:
Janet McDonald of The Good Stuff is owner/chef making handmade preserves in very small batches, using seasonal, organic, locally grown produce. She is committed to using traditional methods and minimum ingredients including no added pectin in her preserves. She has developed relationships with local farms in the heartland of California, which allows her access to the best fruit available in the Sacramento area. Janet does a couple of flavors tied to each season of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Typically she sells out of stock to her local customers, but she has agreed to share a limited quantity of her award winning flavors with a broader audience.

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