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Amour Spreads - Boysenberry Jam

Amour Spreads

$ 15.00
Amour Spreads - Boysenberry Jam

Awards: Yummy Artisan Food Award

Our Notes:This is a wonderful jam bursting with ripe boysenberry flavors.  Boysenberries are a tender berry but have small seeds so while this is total consistent with the fresh berry it does  give the jam a slight crunch which some love and others don't like.  It is totally consistent with the fresh berries.  If you prefer the seeds to be so tender to not be noticed, I recommend  tayberry jam.  This Boysenberry flavor reminds me of days berry picking with the kids where  the ripest and juiciest berry would end up in our mouths and never make it into the pail.  Somehow John and Casey got the best berries into the pail, quite the trick. 

Producer's Notes:

About the Producer:
During their wedding anniversary, Casee & John began their journey to create Amour Spreads.  While hiking, they came upon a thimbleberry patch that was just too juicy to pass up.  Everything they make is hand crafted in small batch in their home town Liberty Park Utah, using local mountain grown fruit.  Products are made in season using no commercial pectin and are considered Gluten Free and Vegan.  Amour Spreads is committed to giving back to their local community with every jar and was able to give back nearly $2,000 last year.

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