Z Specialty Food - Florida Tupelo

Z Specialty Food

$ 12.00

Our Notes:
A delicate and fruity flavor.   Not overly sweet, with an element of fruit, floral and tartness. 
Aroma – Cinnamon and floral  
Color – Medium Golden 
Thickness – Liquid and very viscosity
Taste – Floral and slight flavor of tree ripened apricots

One of the slowest honey to crystallize.  Makes it wonderful to use on crepes with ricotta cheese. 

Producer’s Notes:

Springtime in Florida brings a rush of activity in the Apalachicola River basin. Beekeepers brave the swamps to place their hives within reach of the towering Tupelo tree. Known as Nyssa in Latin, this tree’s name is apt: “Nyssa” refers to a Greek water nymph, and “Tupelo” is of Native American origin, coming from the Muskogee words for tree and swamp.

Beehives are placed on tall platforms several hundred feet in length amid the knee-deep swamps in which the Tupelo grows, blossoming only three or four weeks each year. Beekeepers move painstakingly through the riverbed on barges, lifting the hives by hand. To see this in action, check out the 1997 film Ulee’s Gold.

Our Florida Tupelo Varietal Honey boasts a glowing hue. It’s accompanied by delightfully fruity and floral notes and balanced with a hint of rich, dried fruits. An American classic and one of the most desired honeys in the world, this is the perfect pancake honey. Drizzle away, as Tupelo Honey is well-known for its non-granulating characteristics, meaning it will almost never crystallize.


About the Producer:

Florida Tupelo honey is incredibly expensive because of it's small supply and the additional work to collect. The demand far exceed the supply and Z Specialty would never add fillers which would adulterate the pure taste of this stellar honey. 

Z Specialty Food prides itself on operating a sustainable business.  Founder Ishai Zeldner got his start with beekeeping in Israel, then later studied apiculture at UC Davis in California. He started his honey business in 1980 focused on the unique and delicious Yellow Star Thistle mono-floral honey. The whole Zeldner family is involved in the business and they live and operate near Davis California.  Josh Zeldner has now taken over the management of Z Specialty Food and Moon Shine Trading Company. They purchases their honeys from from beekeepers and farmers around the country.  Because they have the opportunity to taste so many different varieties, they have become experts at selecting the best of each variety, and are able to bring some truly unique single sourced varieties to us lovers of honey.  

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