NeoCocoa - Hearts of Chocolate Truffles


$ 24.00
NeoCocoa - Hearts of Chocolate Truffles


Our Notes:
There are five flavors in this beautiful green box with two of each type of truffle.  The "naked" nature of these truffles make them quite unique and special.  They are much easier to eat and have a very velvety smooth texture that's very focused on the flavor of each truffle.  Crushed Cacao Nibs – has a pure chocolate flavor with the cacao nibs soaking up some of the moisture from the truffle which lends it a chewier, more substantial piece.  Toasted Coconut – one of our favorite, the buttercream frosting flavor of the truffle blends well with the toastiness of the coconut.   Mocha Cinnamon – this one is no challenge, the strong coffee flavor makes this one scrumptious.  Zested Lime – the acidity and strong lime flavoring is a strange combination, but works, next to the sweetness of the truffle.  Almond Butter & Smoked Sea Salt - a buttercream base that pairs nicely next to the strong applewood smoke in the sea salt.  

Producer's Notes:
Christine Doerr describes her NeoCocoa truffles her Neo Cocoa truffles as "naked." Unlike the more common boxed assortments, NeoCocoa truffles contain only the creamy chocolate filling (ganache) and not the hard outer shell (couverture). This style of structure results in a simple and vividly flavored chocolate. The 10-piece Signature Box features an assortment of 5 signature truffle flavors - almond butter with smoked sea salt, zested lime, mocha cinnamon, crushed cacao nib, and toasted coconut – all elegantly packaged in a premium gift box.

About the Producer:
Christine Doerr’s love affair with chocolate began in the 1980’s when, as a teen ager, she worked at a Cocolat chocolate shop, part of a chain of stores founded by Alice Medrich who is credited with popularizing chocolate truffles in the SF Bay Area. Christine’s experience at Cocolat eventually inspired her to enroll at the California Culinary Academy and after graduation go on to work as a pastry chef at various bakeries and restaurants throughout the Bay. After 10 years in the kitchen, Christine left the culinary world for a stint in the corporate world. However, after several years working as a graphic designer, chocolate eventually called her back to the kitchen. After much soul-searching, Christine asked herself what she would do for nothing and the immediate answer was “work with chocolate”. Ever in search of the perfect truffle, Christine never found the type of truffles she craved on the market. Thankfully, she saw this as a perfect opportunity to start her own business. So in 2008, Christine founded NeoCocoa. With the help of La Cocina, a non-profit incubation program that helps female food entrepreneurs start and grow their business, Christine began making her own line of unique shell-less artisan truffles. Today, Christine has her own kitchen and, in the few years since founding NeoCocoa, has garnered some serious accolades. She was most awarded at the 2011 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon including awards for Best Truffle and Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience. In 2011, she was also honored with the distinction of being named a top 10 North American chocolatier by Dessert Professional magazine. Christine was recent winner of a Best Food Award for her 2016 Toffee Nib Brittle.

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