Charles Chocolate - Salty Sweet Cashew Bar

Charles Chocolate

$ 12.00
Charles Chocolate - Salty Sweet Cashew Bar

Awards: Good Food Awards

Our Notes: I have a preference for dark chocolate, but this bar really works with the salty-sweet coating of the nuts with the 41% milk chocolate used as the base of the bar.  It is a perfect example of where the whole is more than the parts, even though the parts are wonderful too. 

Producer's Notes:The Salty-Sweet Cashew Bar brings together remarkably dark, rich milk chocolate with freshly roasted whole cashew nuts.  With a meringue of Fleur do Sel and sugar, the salty-sweet nuts paired with dark milk chocolate are a truly amazing combination. This bar represents our finest efforts. 

About the Producer:
Chuck Siegel, founder of Charles Chocolate founded his company in 2011 using a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to start this endeavor.  While Charles Chocolate the company is relatively new to the scene, Chuck is an experienced and seasoned chocolate maker with 25+ years in the business.   Chuck never attended a famous cooking school, but rather he learned his skills through hard work, experimentation and the generous sharing of knowledge from some of the San Francisco legends in the chocolate world. When Chuck first started making chocolates he reached out to Alice Medrich and Joseph Schmidt. Both were very generous and patient in sharing their knowledge and experience. This is something that Chuck reciprocates to the new generation of chocolatiers as he shares his kitchen and knowledge with them.

 There are two things we like best about Chuck.  First, we like his focus on creating award winning handmade chocolates from only the finest ingredients.  Secondly, we appreciate his love of people, staff, and community of customers.  Chuck was able to use Kickstarter to launch this newest confectionary business because so many people in the SF Bay Area love the work he does.  After raising enough money he’s back making delicious artisan chocolates, like nothing else in the US.

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