Letterpress Chocolate - Belize, Maya Mountain Cacao

Letterpress Chocolate

$ 10.00
Letterpress Chocolate - Belize, Maya Mountain Cacao

Our Notes:
More of a European style chocolate with a smooth velvety texture.  Medium tannins standout at the end.  A floral chocolate and vanilla aroma, with nutty and cocoa flavors.  

Mark first had the opportunity to taste this Letterpress bar after attending the fine cocoa and chocolate institute course.  As an experiment, Maya Mountain gave beans to 8 different producers to create their own bars.  The producers then shared their bars with an audience of chocolate fans to highlight the variation that can come from crafting a bar.  Of all the bars Mark tasted, this one was his favorite due to his creaminess, depth of flavor and the cleanness of the flavors.

Producer's Notes:
Using a small batch of cacao from Maya Mountain in Belize, there are only a few cases of this limited edition bar.  This specific bar has cocoa sourced from Maya Mountain coop in Belize.  Maya Mountain coop is committed to organizing small farmers to use modern fermentation processes.  They do this by sending equipment and expertise to train the local farmers.  As a result of this attention to detail, the beans coming from Maya Mountain are of a much higher quality, and the farmers are able to make a living wage.  

About the Producer:
David and Corey Menkes love good chocolate, and similar to coffee or wine, they want to share the subtle differences of each chocolate region.  To that end, they source and roast cacao beans that are truly exceptional – not only in flavor, but featuring a truly ethical, sustainable supply chain. They travel to meet farmers in person at the source – Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic, and beyond.  LetterPress believes that the quality of Cacao fruit is the future, and they have focused on a select group of farms that they truly believe in – not just buying cacao, but actually investing with them and taking an active role in cultivation. Sending equipment and expertise on site, their goal is to make the best chocolate in the world, in a fully sustainable and transparent way.

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