Cacao Hunters - Tumaco 70%

Cacao Hunters

$ 5.95
Cacao Hunters - Tumaco 70%

International Chocolate Award Gold  2018


Our Notes:

A wonderful  crisp snap of the chocolate, followed by wafts of fudgy dark chocolate aromas, and is finished by the smooth gentle feel of juicey bright fruit on the tongue. This chocolate has mild bitterness and is wonderful balanced with tartness of the fruit  and sugar to an instant favorite of ours.  

Producer's Notes:
Tumaco is the pearl of the pacific, located on the west side of Colombia on the border with Ecuador. This region is one of the cocoa treasures of the world, which gives live and character to this line of chocolates from Cocoa Hunter. This chocolate has aroma of citrus and flavors of  citrus, spices, nuts, and caramel. 

About the Producer:
Cacao Hunters founded by Colombian native Carlos Ignacio Velasco and Mayumi Osaka of Japan. It is a company focused on building a Columbian based chocolate company using unique bean sources found in the remote Colombian jungle. They are trying to improve the lives of natives while creating a gold medal worthy chocolate to delight chocolate fans. They are finding native varieties previously unexplored by today’s chocolate makers. This mission perfectly aligns with their lifelong goal of helping to preserve biodiversity in cacao, and we can say with confidence that while many of Cacao Hunter’s origins are new to our palates, they are absolute gems of cacao. 

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