Fruit Compote

Mark Priestley

Amazingly tasty combination of fruits.  The jam helps pull all the elements together.  This goes well on its own, but we prefer to serve it alongside a freshly baked scone for either breakfast or dessert.  

Ginger Scones (inspired by The Farmhouse Inn)

Mark Priestley

Scones go great as breakfast or as dessert especially if you add chopped fresh fruit, fruit compote, honey, or jam.  The key with making scones is to use chilled butter, get nice pea size consistency in the batter, and don't overwork the dough.

Cucumber Avocado Tomato Salad

Mark Priestley

Tags Vegan, Vegetarian

A salad is all about the ingredients.  The persian cucumbers are much nicer than the english varietal, and strong tasting ripe tomatoes go a long way.  Cilantro gives an extra punch of freshness and the extra virgin olive oil pulls it all together.

Green Chile Enchiladas

Mark Priestley

This recipe is enhanced 3-fold by using high temperature roasted Zuni chicken.  The flavor of the New Mexico chiles standalone and are glorious.  In our opinion this is an improvement on Rick Bayless enchilada sauces which was previously our favorite.

Zuni Roast Chicken

Mark Priestley

The 3 keys to Zuni Roast Chicken is small bird and high heat.  This quick and simple recipe is so delicious and versatile.  You can eat the meat as is, or use with other recipes.

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