Chipotle Tacos

Mark Priestley

Beef is a standard taco meat, and this smokey version goes wonderful with the fresh cilantro salsa.  Be creative with this dish and add your own ingredients to the top such as cojita cheese, beans, or tomato.

Pork Tacos

Mark Priestley

This is a nice change of pace, the texture is a bit lighter than beef, but with more flavor than turkey.  These tacos are super simple, fast to cook, and taste wonderful.  They have great acidity from the tomatillo sauce which pairs beautifully with the ground pork.  

Argentine Chimichurri Sauce (inspired by Chowhound)

Mark Priestley

Chimichurri is a popular cilantro topping in Argentina that can be used on any grilled meat.  BBQ and enjoy!!

Teriyaki Marinade

Mark Priestley

Soy sauce and ginger penetrate a thinner steak very well.  While this recipe goes best on a skirt steak, it can also be used on chicken.

Turkey Tacos (inspired by Andrew Garrett)

Mark Priestley

Turkey is a great low fat meat with a very mild flavor which works great with the spices in this recipe.  The cooking sauce adds the right amount of acidity and heat while the traditional cilantro salsa adds crunch and freshness.  The taco meat has a medium spiciness so it pairs well with a medium/mild hot sauce.

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