Pork Chops a la Normande

Mark Priestley

Tags Yummy Artisan Foods

This is a simple fruity fall dish but is super delicious. Pork chops simmered to tenderness in apples, onions,  cider and cream.  It goes wonderfully over whipped cauliflower for low carb or more traditional mashed potatoes.

Artichoke Chicken

Mark Priestley

The combination of tomato, mushroom and artichokes is fantastic.  A filling dish that is perfect for the family. 

Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Mark Priestley

This sauce tastes fantastic and is a huge improvement on the typical canned cream of mushroom you'll find at the grocery store.  An easy tweak to the recipe makes for a delicious soup; add more onion and don't reduce the chicken broth as much.

Brie and Fig Chutney

Mark Priestley

Brie is such a popular cheese, but most people have never tried melting it in the oven.  Combined with the sweet and bold flavors of fig, this appetizer pairs well with crackers or apple slices.

Apple and Goat Cheese Appetizer

David Priestley

This is a fun vegetarian dish that uses mustard seeds instead of caviar.  The mustard seeds are delicious and have an incredible amount of flavor when the burst in your mouth.  The cherries will taste like nothing you've tried before.  

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